Fire Emblem Heroes [ANDROID]: Great Game With Decent Characters, Bring Up the Memories!2 min read

A nostalgic feeling from the past is not always a bad thing to memorize after all, like for example, Fire Emblem. Yes, this game is apparently the game from the past which keeps getting updates in many consoles. Why? it is because of its battling system and job system that are just too good to be missed. Not only that, most players still remember some characters and even the story line in each of its sequel.


Well, since dozens of old games such as Final Fantasy or even Mario Bros have made a fantastic appearance in mobile phone, Fire Emblem Heroes has just been launched in 2017 to replicate those successes since this game has the “power” to attract previous Fire Emblem players and even new players with all of its awesome contents!


First things first is its battling system which uses the turn based system. Yes, we have found dozens of games which have used similar system but simple and smooth animation accompanied with voice background of each character has made this game outclasses the others.


Second is the class or job system which has made Fire Emblem Heroes becomes more challenging. If you are a seeker of high quality animation such as Seven Knights then you might want to reduce your expectation since one of the selling points of this game is the complexity of the class/job system. The class/job system is basically using weapons (lance, sword, staff, etc) where each weapon can be equipped with specific characters. And mostly, each weapon is weak or strong against other type of weapons meaning no matter how godly your character is, it will be easily defeated with mediocre character but with weapon advantage. Sounds complex isn’t it? Well, yes it does!


Therefore with all of its challenging contents, Borntonerd rates this game with 7/10 and for you who wants to get this game immediately, download the game via this link!


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